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Portable Pharmaceutical Transporters

Pharmaceutical Transporter - Medibox Micro

Product Features

  • Ultra Light weight.
  • 6 Deg C Electronically Controlled Temperature
  • High and Low Temperature Alarms (Optional Extra)
  • Operates from 12 Volts dc or 240 Vac
  • Shoulder strap

The MEDIBOX Micro has been designed to provide a highly portable temperature controlled environment for the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

It is very light and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

It operates from either the mains or the Cigar Lighter Socket of a car or van.

General Technical Specification
Internal Temperature Range6 °C
Ambient Operating RangeAmbient up to 30 °C
Chill Down Time35 minutes
Power Supply12Vdc / 230 Vac
Power Consumption(Max)48 Watts
Dimensions320 x 180 x 280 High
Weight2.5 Kg
Capacity4 litres