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Refrigeration Controller - Eliwell ID974

Warning: check the power supply specified on the instrument label; for relay and power supply capacities, contact the Sales Office).

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Frontal panel protectionIP65
Casingplastic body in resin type PC+ABS UL94 V-0,
Inspection window in polycarbonate,
buttons in thermoplastic resin.
Dimensionsfrontal panel 74x32 mm,
depth 60 mm (depth 68 mm only for ID 974 switching).
Installationon panel, with drilling template 71x29 mm (+0.2/?0.1 mm).
Use temperature?5?55 °C.
Storage temperature?30?85 °C.
Use and storage environment humidity10?90 % RH (not condensing).
Viewing rangeNTC probe: ?50?110 °C (-58...230°F)
PTC probe: ?55?140 °C (-67...284°F)
Without decimal point (selectable through parameter on 3 digit + 1/2 mark display.
Analog inputstwo PTC or NTC inputs (programmable by parameter).
SerialTTL for connection to Copy Card or Televis system.
Digital outputs 3 relay contactsFirst contact SPDT 8(3)A 250Vac,
Second contact SPST 8(3)A 250Vac,
Third contact SPST 5(2) A 250Vac.
Measuring rangefrom ?55 to 140 °C.
Accuracy0.5% better than end scale + 1 digit.
Resolution1 or 0.1 °C.
Consumptionmodel 230V: 3 VA max.
model 12V: 1,5 VA max.
Consumption3W max.
Power supply95...240Vdc ?10%
MODEL 8+8+15A
Digital outputs 3 relay contacts SPDT 8(3)A (1/2 Hp) 250Vac,
SPST 8(3)A (1/2 Hp) 250Vac,
SPST 15A (1 Hp) 250Vac.
Consumption1,5 VA max. Power supply: 12 Vac/dc ?10%.
MODEL 8+8+15A + D.I.
Digital input1 voltage-free digital input that can be set by parameter.
Power SupplySwitching power supply
Digital outputs 3 relay contacts First contact SPDT 8A 250Vac,
Second contact SPST 3A 250Vac,
Third contact SPST 11A 250Vac.